Meet the Team

At V.I.P. Care Management, Inc., every client receives the benefit of our Team Approach to problem solving. All complex issues are discussed with the Team to develop solutions from a multi-disciplinary perspective. One of the greatest assets of the V.I.P. style of Care Management is that our employees come to us from a wide variety of professional and educational backgrounds, not just nursing and social work. The Team approaches problem solving through a variety of lenses for the benefit of our clients and their families. It is our belief that when a care management company limits their staff to only medical and social work professionals, their problem solving skills are limited to that narrow scope. Our clients depend upon us to guide them through all life management situations, so this diversity of backgrounds is essential.

Sonja Kobrin, M.P.S., President

Sonja Kobrin, M.P.S. co-founded V.I.P. Care Management, Inc. with her husband David Kobrin in 1993. Sonja holds Bachelor and Master degree in Psychology and has an extensive background in counseling and advocacy. Today Sonja and David are joined in business by their son and daughter and a multidisciplinary TEAM of experienced Care Managers who work together for the benefit of all of our clients.

Sonja has expert knowledge in the areas of geriatric care management, guardianship, Medicaid planning, nursing home and assisted living placement and local community resources such as home health care. Sonja offers a holistic and comprehensive approach to Care Management unparalleled in the industry.


“Senior advocacy is a personal mission. This is not my job. It’s my life’s purpose.”

Marta Strong - Paralegal

Marta Strong is originally from Cuba and has a degree in accounting. She has worked in the field of geriatric care management, guardianship accounting since 2003 and has served as office manager of an elder law firm since 2015. At EQOL, Marta is lead account manager and finance manager. She works hand in hand with the President of EQOL to assure ever client enjoys excellent service.